Obviously, there is a subpopulation of CSU patients also experiencing symptoms in other organ systems, including GI symptoms, headaches, fatigue, during a severe urticarial attack. The aim of this project is to collect cases of such patients, provisionally called “CSUplus”, to investigate whether such patients represent a distinct CSU subpopulation.

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Courage&Khazaka has announced that TempTest® is available again

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5th GA²LEN Global Urticaria Forum (GUF 2020) and 6th Consensus Conference on the Update and Revision of the international EAACI/GA²LEN/EuroGuiDerm/APAAACI Guideline for Urticaria

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One of Allergy’s goals is to disseminate your research and expand the readership of your important data. As such, we have created a YouTube channel promoting the articles published in our journal.

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