UVERSICU: Urticarial vasculitis versus chronic spontaneous urticaria - Natural history, disease course and response to treatment

    In this international, prospective, observational study project, we aim at assessing differences in the natural history, clinical symptoms, triggers, associated diseases, and treatment effects in patients with urticarial vasculitis compared to chronic spontaneous urticaria patients by using a standardized patient-related questionnaire. We plan to include 100 prospective patients each with urticarial vasculitis and chronic spontaneous urticaria.

    Study type: Questionnaire

    The study results will be presented at an international congress (preferably at the EADV or EAACI) and they will be submitted for publication, e.g. in ALLERGY. To become a coauthor, you need to include at least 10 patients each with urticarial vasculitis and chronic spontaneous urticaria to the study and contribute to the interpretation of the results and the development of the manuscript. The sequence of coauthors, in authors who contributed equally to data interpretation and manuscript development will be based on the number of patients included. 

    Deadline: 01/03/2020 anticipated

    Are you interested in joining this study? Please visit our member’s area or send an Email to hanna.bonnekoh@charite.de for additional information. 

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