UCARE LevelUp: The UCARE physician information and education platform and program

With over 120 member centers in 39 countries, GA²LEN’s network of urticaria centers of reference and excellence (UCARE) is the biggest and most active global consortium of urticariologists and urticaria centers. The aim of the UCARE network is to improve the management of urticaria, a common, debilitating, and often hard to treat condition that can be challenging for both patients and treating physicians, especially when chronic. For 2021 and 2022, the GA²LEN UCARE network has decided to lay a special focus on physicians’ education and information by implementing the UCARE LevelUp (ULU) program.

With UCARE LevelUp the UCARE network aims to devise an enduring educational program by creating an interactive, virtual, and comprehensive environment where healthcare professionals worldwide can learn, network, and share best clinical practices in chronic urticaria (CU).

The UCARE LevelUp program will update physicians on recent developments in urticaria, establish a platform for interaction among physicians who treat patients with CU, help health care professionals involved in the management of urticaria to network, on a regional, national and global level, and to improve the interaction of general practitioners and specialists including UCAREs to streamline the CU patient journey to disease control.

Specifically, the aims of UCARE LevelUp are to educate physicians on guideline recommendations and to help guideline implementation, to provide advice on the diagnostic workup in CU, to provide physicians with information on the burden of CU, to educate physicians on the differential diagnosis, comorbidities and consequences of CU, to share novel insights on the causes and pathogenesis of CU, to help physicians build strategic therapeutic plans for their patients, to advise physicians on how to communicate with patients, to improve the use of patient-reported outcome measures for assessing disease activity, impact and control in patients with CU, and to educate physicians about the existence and work of the UCARE network and how to get in touch if needed. With these aims in mind, UCARE LevelUp will use a sustained, comprehensive, and interactive approach to physician education and information on CU.

The UCARE LevelUp program includes the following 10 online formats and activities: webinars; quizzes, a physician education and resources website, a newsletter, podcasts, fireside chats, videos, an online journal club, virtual grand rounds and poster sessions.

Participation in and use of UCARE LevelUp activities is free of charge.

UCARE LevelUp is a global program and all formats and activities will be in English. The UCARE network aims to make available, as best and as much as possible, all UCARE LevelUp formats and activities in regional and national languages. Primary target languages are Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian, and Chinese.

The UCARE LevelUp program will be coordinated by a Steering Committee. Each format will be managed by a Taskforce. The UCARE office will support the work of the UCARE LevelUp Steering Committee and Taskforces.

For more information please contact: ucare-levelup(at)ga2len.berlin

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