In the Spotlight – Opening of the first UCARE Center in Poland

On 9th October this year official opening of the first UCARE Center in Poland took place. UCARE is located within Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz, 251 Pomorska street, building C5.

Dr Zabrocka and dr Kurowski with the team

Prof. Zalewska-Janowska and dr Kurowski

Prof. Zalewska-Janowska with media

Registration area of UCARE in Lodz

Prof. Marek L. Kowalski, head of the Interfaculty Chair of Clinical Immunology and Microbiology and Department of Immunology, Rheumatology and Allergy with teams of four departments including Rheumatology, Microbiology& Laboratory Medical Immunology and Psychodermatology.

UCARE is supervised by professors Anna Zalewska-Janowska and Marek L. Kowalski, from Psychodermatology Department and Department of Immunology, Rheumatology and Allergy, respectively.

Consultations are performed under National Health System coverage within both allergological and immunological out-patient departments.

Official opening of UCARE was performed by dr Małgorzata Zabrocka, medical director of Central Clinical Hospital, dr Marcin Kurowski, Lodz region consultant in allergology and prof. Anna Zalewska-Janowska, head of Psychodermatology Department.

On the occasion of UCARE opening, congratulations were received from dr Karol Młynarczyk, deputy Lodz provincial governor, prof. Radzisław Kordek and prof. Paweł Górski, rectors of the Medial University, as well as from directors of both university hospitals - prof. Piotr Kuna and dr Wiesław Chudzik.

Media, both radio and television attended the official opening ceremony and stimulated a lot of interest from the society.

Hear Associate Professor Jonathan Peter (Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Department of Medicine, University of Cape Town, South Africa; Allergy and Immunology Unit, University of Cape Town Lung Institute, South Africa) explain regional differences in urticaria in South Africa, with a focus on epidemiology, patient beliefs and education, and the CRUSE App.

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We are very pleased to cordially invite you to our forth, free UCARE LevelUp Fireside Chat taking place on: Wednesday, June 29th, 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. CEST.

Join us as 4 UCARE physicians meet to discuss the topic “Covid-19, vaccines, urticaria and angioedema"

The Faculty will be:
Emek Kocatürk Göncü                     Koc University Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
Daria Fomina                         ...

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We are pleased to welcome Niall Conlon and J David M Edgar representing the St. James’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland to the UCARE network. As this is our first UCARE center in Ireland, we are confident that there will be many UCAREs to follow in Ireland and we are looking forward to an intensive collaboration.

You will find:

  • An overview of all certified and applying UCARE centers here: https://www....
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In this episode, Dr Maximiliano Gómez shares his tips and tricks for improving the diagnosis and management of chronic urticaria and calls for wider dissemination of good quality information to patients living in Argentina and beyond.

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Dr Mona Al-Ahmad joins the podcast from the UCARE centre in Kuwait to share her insights into the UCARE network’s Middle Eastern activities.
Dr Al-Ahmad also takes time to reflect on what more can be done to improve the lives of people living with chronic urticaria and those caring for them.

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In this episode, our host is joined by Professor Kiran Godse who shares his experiences of treating CSU in India. Professor Godse provides unmissable insights into the practicalities of CSU care, including economic considerations, as well as his plans to increase the UCARE network’s presence in India and facilitate wider dissemination of educational resources.

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Our next, free UCARE LevelUp Fireside Chat takes place on May 19th, 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. CEST.
Join us as 4 UCARE physicians meet to discuss on the following topic: Challenges in developing a scientific project in urticaria

The faculty will be:
Emek Kocatürk Göncü            
Koc University Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey – Senior UCARE physician
Jonathan Bernstein                
University of Cincinnati...

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Professor Jonathan Bernstein joins the UCARE LevelUp podcast "All things urticaria" to discuss chronic urticaria (CU) care in the USA. In this episode, Professor Bernstein shines a light on the challenges faced by US-based physicians and highlights the potential benefits of conducting further research into the diverse population living with CU in North America.


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In this newsletter we share:

  • The Chronic Urticaria Self-Evaluation APP, CRUSE® and the advantages for physicians and patients in using it.
  • Urticaria Conference 2021 and expand on some of the program’s highlights
  • Insightful physicians views on treatment of Chronic Inducible Urticaria (CIndU)
  • Interview with Dr. Ivan Cherrez about PROMUSE
  • Updates on the latest happening in LevelUp, 4U and the world of...
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In part two of this very special episode, Professor Marcus Maurer is joined once again by his colleagues, Laura, Julia, Reinhardt and Rebekka from the UCARE office to discuss the UCARE LevelUp and UCARE 4U programmes, which aim to inform and educate patients and physicians on the management of chronic urticaria.


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