World Urticaria Day 2021: Who cares? U care!

Berlin, 21.09.2021 (GA2LEN UCARE Network). Burning, itching, pain - more than one percent of the world’s population suffers from chronic urticaria (hives) and the number is growing. Unfortunately, this disease still receives too little public attention. The GA²LEN UCARE Network, the Urticaria Network (UNEV) and the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) have therefore been initiating World Urticaria Day (UDAY) every year on 1 October since 2014. Together with their worldwide partners, the initiatives raise awareness of the disease with numerous campaigns. Under the slogan "Who cares? U care!", they call on those affected, doctors and interested parties to help shape UDAY. More information is available at

The goals of the events and offers that take place worldwide within the framework of UDAY, is to bring urticaria out of its shadowy existence, to encourage those affected and those treating it to exchange ideas and to find new solutions together against the disease and its symptoms.

Available everywhere: Online webinars and lectures on urticaria

This year, the focus is on digital initiatives that includes the UCARE video series on urticaria and COVID-19 available on the UDAY YouTube channel (@urticariaday) from the 1st of October 2021. An informative urticaria quiz has also been developed by the GA²LEN UCARE Network that will be available in several languages via the Actionbound app.

Furthermore, the TikTok live event „Everything you ever wanted to know about urticaria – now is the time to ask!”  will be held by urticaria specialist Professor Marcus Maurer. The event can be found under the username @letmeaskmydad on October 1st at 8:00pm CEST.

Taking initiative: implementing your own UDAY actions

UDAY is the place where you can start taking action. Everyone is invited to shape the day in their own way and to start their own UDAY projects, such as a self-help group, especially if they have long-lived impact. Every contribution counts and can bring about long-term changes. Initiators can publish their activities directly on the UDAY website under the category "Events" (

Understanding urticaria: When it burns and itches

Cold wind, a hot bath, sweaty sports – many people react to everyday situations with an itchy rash that can be accompanied by swelling. One in four people is affected by urticaria at some point in their lives. In most cases, it heals within a few weeks (acute urticaria), however, in about one percent of the world population, the symptoms last longer and the disease becomes chronic. Chronic urticaria usually breaks out between the ages of 30 and 60, but many younger people are also affected. Women are affected about twice as often as men.[1]

High level of suffering: A heavy burden in everyday life

The sudden onset of intense redness, wheals and/or swellings on the skin considerably limits the quality of life of those affected[2] and has a significant impact on every day and professional activities[3]: Chronic urticaria can also have a negative effect on one’s social life, sleep quality, concentration, and performance, as well as cause psychological suffering.[4]

Confronting the disease: Visit specialised centres

Many sufferers unfortunately shy away from seeking medical treatment for their disease because of shame or previous treatment failures. There are however an increasing number of skin centers specialized in urticaria such as the GA²LEN Urticaria Centers of Reference and Exellence (UCARE) (available at There has been considerable progress in therapy and treatment of chronic urticaria, the goal is to achieve symptom-free treatment.

About the GA2LEN UCARE Network

The GA²LEN Urticaria Centers of Reference and Excellence Network (GA²LEN UCARE Network) is the biggest and most active global consortium of urticariologists and urticaria centers with the common goal to improve the treatment of urticaria. The focus is on common diagnostic and treatment guidelines, research, education and training activities for physicians and patients, but also on raising public awareness of urticaria. More information is available at


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[3] Weller K, Balp MM, Hollis K et al. Studie ASSURE-CSU, Poster „P030“ präsentiert auf dem Jahreskongress der DDG, 29.04.-02.05.2015, Berlin; Balp MM, Jeffrey V, Jaijun T et al. Studie SOLVE-BOI, Poster präsentiert auf dem World Congress of Dermatology (WCD), 08.06.–13.06.2015, Vancouver, Kanada.

[4] Weller K, Balp MM, Hollis K et al. Studie ASSURE-CSU, Poster „P030“ präsentiert auf dem Jahreskongress der DDG, 29.04.-02.05.2015, Berlin.

In this episode, our host is joined by Professor Kiran Godse who shares his experiences of treating CSU in India. Professor Godse provides unmissable insights into the practicalities of CSU care, including economic considerations, as well as his plans to increase the UCARE network’s presence in India and facilitate wider dissemination of educational resources.

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Our next, free UCARE LevelUp Fireside Chat takes place on May 19th, 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. CEST.
Join us as 4 UCARE physicians meet to discuss on the following topic: Challenges in developing a scientific project in urticaria

The faculty will be:
Emek Kocatürk Göncü            
Koc University Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey – Senior UCARE physician
Jonathan Bernstein                
University of Cincinnati...

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Professor Jonathan Bernstein joins the UCARE LevelUp podcast "All things urticaria" to discuss chronic urticaria (CU) care in the USA. In this episode, Professor Bernstein shines a light on the challenges faced by US-based physicians and highlights the potential benefits of conducting further research into the diverse population living with CU in North America.


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In this newsletter we share:

  • The Chronic Urticaria Self-Evaluation APP, CRUSE® and the advantages for physicians and patients in using it.
  • Urticaria Conference 2021 and expand on some of the program’s highlights
  • Insightful physicians views on treatment of Chronic Inducible Urticaria (CIndU)
  • Interview with Dr. Ivan Cherrez about PROMUSE
  • Updates on the latest happening in LevelUp, 4U and the world of...
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In part two of this very special episode, Professor Marcus Maurer is joined once again by his colleagues, Laura, Julia, Reinhardt and Rebekka from the UCARE office to discuss the UCARE LevelUp and UCARE 4U programmes, which aim to inform and educate patients and physicians on the management of chronic urticaria.


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 Dear UCARE friends and colleagues,


We are launching a new project, which is called CU-TIGER, The Characterization of urticaria markers including anti-TPO and IgE in serum.


Background/ rationale

Two endotypes of chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) have been recently described, ie Type I autoimmune CSU (aiCSU), which is also called autoallergic CSU and mediated by IgE autoantibodies and...

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We are delighted to share the UCARE endorsed, touchIME, accredited touchPANEL DISCUSSION® - "Unlocking the pathogenesis of chronic spontaneous urticaria to inform the future treatment landscape'' has now launched on the touchIMMUNOLOGY® site in the CME zone.
You can view the activity here: touchIMMUNOLOGY® -
In this activity, the expert...

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Congratulations to Ivan Cherrez Ojeda, Marcus Maurer and the UCARE physicians on successfully completing the UCARE Project CURICT.

The aim of CURICT was to assess the frequency and preference of Internet Communication Technologies (ICTs).  The results show that almost all patients with chronic spontaneous and chronic (CSU) and inducible urticaria have access to ICTs and more the majority sees the...

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In this very special two-part episode, Professor Marcus Maurer is joined by not one, but four of his UCARE office colleagues, Laura Schwenner, Julia Föll, Rebekka Locke and Reinhardt Britz, to give listeners exclusive insight into the inner workings of the UCARE network, including advice on how to become a UCARE center and updates on exciting new UCARE initiatives. 


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In this episode of the “All Things Urticaria”-Podcast, the host Dr. Marcus Maurer is joined by Dr Christian Vestergaard, who offers expert insight into the results of the AWARE study and highlights the urgent need for wider dissemination of the guidelines for CSU management.


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