In the Spotlight – Opening of the first UCARE Center in Poland

On 9th October this year official opening of the first UCARE Center in Poland took place. UCARE is located within Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz, 251 Pomorska street, building C5.

Dr Zabrocka and dr Kurowski with the team

Prof. Zalewska-Janowska and dr Kurowski

Prof. Zalewska-Janowska with media

Registration area of UCARE in Lodz

Prof. Marek L. Kowalski, head of the Interfaculty Chair of Clinical Immunology and Microbiology and Department of Immunology, Rheumatology and Allergy with teams of four departments including Rheumatology, Microbiology& Laboratory Medical Immunology and Psychodermatology.

UCARE is supervised by professors Anna Zalewska-Janowska and Marek L. Kowalski, from Psychodermatology Department and Department of Immunology, Rheumatology and Allergy, respectively.

Consultations are performed under National Health System coverage within both allergological and immunological out-patient departments.

Official opening of UCARE was performed by dr Małgorzata Zabrocka, medical director of Central Clinical Hospital, dr Marcin Kurowski, Lodz region consultant in allergology and prof. Anna Zalewska-Janowska, head of Psychodermatology Department.

On the occasion of UCARE opening, congratulations were received from dr Karol Młynarczyk, deputy Lodz provincial governor, prof. Radzisław Kordek and prof. Paweł Górski, rectors of the Medial University, as well as from directors of both university hospitals - prof. Piotr Kuna and dr Wiesław Chudzik.

Media, both radio and television attended the official opening ceremony and stimulated a lot of interest from the society.

We are pleased to welcome Natasa Teovska Mitrevska and Lidija Biserkoska Atanasovska representing the Department of Dermatology at Re-Medika General Hospital in Skopje, North Macedonia to the UCARE network. We are confident that this will be the first of many UCAREs to follow in the Balkan region and we are looking forward to an intensive collaboration.
You will find:

  • an overview of all certified...
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On behalf of Professor Mohamed Abuzakouk, the President of the Emirates Allergy and Clinical Immunology Group and the Treasurer of the Pan-Arab Society of Allergy, Asthma & We are delighted to invite you to the 1st Emirates Allergy and Clinical Immunology Conference. The meeting will be held
in Dubai, UAE, from Friday to Sunday, February 4-6, 2022.

The programme will cover a broad range of topics...

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Dr Vicky Xepapadaki joins the “All Things Urticaria”-podcast to share her knowledge of paediatric urticaria, including current treatment strategies and unmet needs. Dr Xepapadaki also reflects on the importance of involving parents in clinical decision-making and highlights some of the key differences between adult and paediatrics patients.


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In this episode of the “All Things Urticaria”-podcast, Dr Iman Nasr discusses UCARE LevelUp, an educational program devised by the UCARE network to allow healthcare professionals to learn, network and share best clinical practices in chronic urticaria. Dr Nasr also touches on UCARE 4U, the UCARE patient information and education platform and programme.


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In this episode of the “All Things Urticaria”-podcast, Dr Ana Gimenez discusses new insights into the pathology of chronic urticaria and how these insights can help guide treatment decisions. Dr Gimenez discusses the inflammatory mediators relevant in chronic urticaria, with a particular focus on platelet-activating factor (PAF). She describes the role of PAF, its contribution to the development...

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The UCARE2021 Conference is one of the biggest and most important urticaria meetings of 2021, featuring sessions on new insights on the pathogenesis, the differential diagnosis, and the management approach to urticaria as well as on new results from basic scientific projects and epidemiological studies on chronic urticaria.
New treatment approaches and the results of clinical studies in chronic...

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In this episode, photodermatology expert, Professor Lesley Rhodes, sheds light on one of the rarer forms of chronic inducible urticaria: solar urticaria. This includes a practical guide to diagnosis and referral, as well as a summary of the unmet needs that remain in the management of this understudied condition.


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The 1st UCARE LevelUP Fireside Chat on December 1st 2021 was dedicated to the topic “The next generation: What do junior urticariologists expect from the UCARE network, what do seniors expect from juniors?”.

Follow the discussion of Luis Felipe Chiaverini Ensina (Federal University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil), Salma Taha (Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar, Doha), Hanna Bonnekoh (Charité,...

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In this newsletter we are discussing the new EAACI Guideline for the Definition, Classification, Diagnosis and Management of Urticaria, and look at recent Publications relating to Bradykinin receptors, Machine learning and the effects of Spirituality on the experience of CU. We Talked to Dr Dorothea Terhorst-Molawi and Dr Mojca Bizjak about their project Cold-CU, what motivated them to start a...

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The recording refers to the Level Up session held on November 25th.

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