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The Urticaria Association is a social profit organization. They promote health and make an indispensable contribution to our society by networking, advising and informing urticaria patients. They cooperate with doctors, healthcare facilities and patient organizations worldwide. They do not pursue any self-serving, profit-oriented goals. They are preparing the way for a future worth living with urticaria.ón-Peruana-de-Pacientes-con-Urticaria-111979840600893
The "Peruvian Association of Patients with Urticaria" (APPU), has been formed by a group of patients with Chronic Urticaria to give guidance and support to other patients with this disease. Is a virtual place were patients can share their difficulties and insights, with a global aim of a better quality of life. For this we have a physician advisory board from peruvian UCARE members.
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Medscape Education Global - CME Information platform with urticaria sufferers' group on Facebook: Providing other sufferers with information and sharing experiences so that they can find the right therapy for them more quickly, was the goal of Sabine Bauer and Kathrin Kühne when they founded the Facebook group "Urticaria - Hives . Group of Heroes" in 2012. Today, the group has almost 2,600 members and is a comprehensive information platform about the forms, symptoms and treatment options of urticaria. The two founders are supported by the experienced dermatologists and allergists Prof. Dr. Staubach-Renz from the University Hospital in Mainz and Prof. Dr. Maurer from the Charité Hospital in Berlin. More information at or at Facebook. 

Are you familiar with Angioedema Centers of Reference and Excellence (ACARE)? In this episode, our host is joined by Dr Anete Grumach, to celebrate the recent successes of the ACARE network and discuss the future of this exciting initiative.


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Perhaps you have already heard about our Journal Club. Perhaps you also are or know a junior physician / PhD student who is interested in participating in the journal club. If so, please read on, and pass the information on

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In this episode, our host is joined by Dr Caroline Mann, a urticariologist and sleep expert, who highlights the profound impact of sleep disturbance on quality of life in patients with urticaria and explains what can be done to address this common, but often overlooked aspect of the disease.


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