10 easy steps to initiate and run a UCARE project/study

  • Step 1: Send a proposal to the UCARE OFFICE (see template)
  • Step 2: The UCARE OFFICE sends it out to the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Step 3: Board decision (if the decision is no: there’ll be an invitation to revise, reject; if yes: ok/suggestions for improvement, and the Board will nominate a responsible UCARE Steering Committee project advisor a USCPA)
  • Step 4: The UCARE Scientific Advisory Board informs the UCARE Office of their decision, and if the decision is yes, of the USCPA
  • Step 5: The UCARE Office informs the applicant
  • Step 6: The applicant / project leader, together with the USCPA, initiates the project
  • Step 7: The project leader, with the USCPA, invites UCAREs to participate (UCARE office is cc on all communication)
  • Step 8: The project leader reports on the project’s progress as outlined in the proposal to the UCARE office
  • Step 9: The project is completed and report or publication is sent to the UCARE office
  • Step 10: CURE criteria for authorship apply and UCARE is acknowledged. The publication is posted on the UCARE website

Download Application for a UCARE project/study

We are happy to welcome on board our new UCAREs: The Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology of the University Medical Center of Prof Michael Schön and Dr Undine Lippert in Göttingen, Germany and the Urticaria Clinic, Department of Dermatology, Salford Royal Hospital of Dr Alexander Marsland in Salford, UK.

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We are happy to announce the successful audit of our first UCARE in Africa: The UCT Lung Institute - Allergy & Immunology Unit of Dr Jonathan Grant Peter in Cape Town, South Africa, has been recently audited by Prof Ana Giménez-Arnau.

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We are happy to announce that three of our UCAREs were successfully re-audited: The First Hospital Peking of Prof Zuotao Zhao in China, the Department of Dermatology at the Hiroshima University of Prof Michihiro Hide in Japan and the Odense University Hospital of Prof Carsten Bindslev-Jensen in Denmark.

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